About Prostate Cancer UK
We believe men are worth fighting for. It’s why we fund research into better ways to diagnose, treat and cure prostate diseases. It’s why we provide vital services and information, like our Specialist Nurse phone service and our information leaflets for men. It’s why we provide education and training on the latest best practice, research and information to health professionals. It’s why we raise awareness so more men know when and how to get help. And it’s why we’re encouraging everyone to sign up and do something amazing with their friends this summer.

Put your best foot forward and walk with Men United this Summer
Walker: (noun) a person who walks for enjoyment or exercise. A life saver.

We all know walking’s a great way to improve your health, bring friends and family together and take in some of the best pubs the country has to offer. But did you know it can also help beat prostate cancer?

We’ve partnered with The Outdoor Guide to encourage everyone who enjoys walking to get out there and do a walk with Men United this summer. By joining Men United and doing your walk for us you’ll be part of our growing movement of people dedicated to beating prostate cancer, and you’ll be making your walk a step in the right direction for men everywhere. – Make the summer count.


“I’m proud to be working with Prostate Cancer UK. When my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer it took our whole family by surprise, but we wanted to do whatever we could to help.

I’m excited to be part of Prostate Cancer UK’s initiative to get more people walking to help beat this debilitating disease. It’s a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and family and a great way to improve your health. Happy Walking”


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Men United is Prostate Cancer UK’s movement for everyone who believes men are worth fighting for; standing together to help us beat prostate cancer and keep friendships alive.