Skyworks has produced six series with a total of over 70 x 30 minute episodes of ‘The World from Above’ for international distribution: demand has been high and the show is being broadcast from North America to Europe and the Far East.

The World from Above is a unique continuing series of aerial programmes offering an entirely different view of the world. From 3,000m down to just one metre, the stabilised high definition aerial camera seeks out the beautiful, as well as the dramatic, on journeys across many parts of the world including Europe, Africa and the USA.

Each journey takes the audience on a magical trip showing the world from a new angle. The locations range from glorious beaches to high mountains, great cities to hill top villages, fantastic castles to ancient forts, impressive bridges to enormous ships, high waterfalls to mighty rivers and also great natural wonders of the world, such as the Niagara Falls in the United States and Table Mountain in South Africa.

Each programme includes at least twenty five locations, which all have a story to tell, whether from an historic point of view, or just the sheer beauty of the landscape. The programmes also contain animated maps so that the audience can see each journey unfolding before them, as well as experiencing a bird’s eye view of the country they are flying through.

‘The World from Above’ is a visual feast, as well as being technically excellent – all the footage is filmed in full HD using Skyworks’ own customized Cineflex rig.


“I am delighted that Outdoor Productions, The Outdoor Guide and I are collaborating with Skyworks and the World From Above to bring you my routes with unforgettable aerial views in my exciting new series for ITV!”


Message to TOG

“We are delighted to be working with Julia Bradbury on her forthcoming walking series for ITV. We will also be supplying aerial shots for her past, present and future walks on her online portal The Outdoor Guide.

Historically Eric Harwood and Skyworks produced Julia’s past catalogue of walking series, including Wainwright Walks, Coast to Coast, Canal, Railway, South Africa and Germany Walks.

World From Above footage can be viewed throughout The Outdoor Guide and shows off the whole route from the air!”

Julia Bradbury’s Derbyshire Railway Walk

Royal Britain From Above

English Castles From Above

Ireland From Above

TOG Walks with World From Above footage