Laxey Wheel
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The Great Laxey Wheel or Lady Isabella (as she is also known), is the largest working waterwheel in the world.  A brilliant example of Victorian engineering she was built in 1854 to pump water from the Laxey mines. Today a climb to the top is rewarded with panoramic views across the Laxey Valley.

The Great Laxey Wheel is the largest surviving working wheel of its kind in the world.  Designed by the Victorian engineer, Robert Casement, the wheel was built in 1854 to pump water from Glen Mooar part of the ‘Great Laxey Mines’ industrial complex. The impressive 22m (72.5 feet) diameter structure found immediate popularity and has remained one of the Island’s most dramatic tourist attractions for over 150 years.

Visit Laxey Valley  The Valley that Lead The World.

Welcome Centre at Christ Church
Who needs Poldark? Laxey’s very own Mine Captain, Richard Rowe gives the audio visual presentation. Drop in to say hello!

Open daily 10am-4pm with costumed volunteers in attendance.

Laxey Tales at Laxey Woollen Mills
Rags And Riches – come and meet the Laxey Tales characters who lived and worked in the valley 150 years ago. Find out what it was really like back then.

Open Mon-Sat 10am-4pm with costumed volunteers.

Sea to Summit at the Rose Garden
Why were Laxey’s rocks important to the World? Find the answers in the Rose Garden Shelter, next to the MER station.

Don’t forget to visit the many other attractions of this unique and beautiful valley. Find out more at Christ Church and please talk to the costumed volunteers!

Disabled Accessibility to Welcome Centre. Stair case up to Laxey Tales. Free parking.

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