SINCE being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, TV presenter Julia Bradbury has dramatically overhauled her lifestyle to keep the disease at bay. The 53-year-old former Countryfile host used to munch on doughnuts at 11am, but now sticks to a strict regime of veggies for breakfast and a minimum 10,000 steps a day. She says: “Before my illness, I used to love dunking biscuits in my tea, or having a cheeky mid-morning doughnut. “I was naturally slim and my sugar-laden diet didn’t seem to have any outward effect on me. “But I now know it was changing me drastically on the inside. “In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was pre-diabetic given the amount of sugar I consumed. “I’ve now been eating healthily for two years, but I know that won’t undo 20 years of non-stop sugar consumption. “Stopping snacking was really hard, I had to really train my taste buds away from sweetness. “Now, I have a savoury breakfast every morning — steamed vegetables, salmon, egg, avocado are my favourites.”

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The Sun September 2023