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Ramblers Walking Holidays – Lakeland Explorer

Discover the majestic fells and tranquil waters of England's Lake District.

Holiday Highlights:

  • A less strenuous and civilised Lakeland discovery.
  • Views from lakesides and the high passes.
  • Visits to charming Lakeland villages and famous houses.

Ramblers Walking Holidays – The Bavarian Beer Garden Holiday

Lakes, castles and stunning alpine views
When the warm days of summer arrive, bringing with them balmy evenings, where better could there be than a traditional Bavarian beer garden to enjoy a cool, foaming ale after a satisfying walk?

Our holiday is based in the charming Bavarian village of Bad Kohlgrub. We’ll walk to beautiful lakes and waterfalls near Bad Bayersoien and Murnau, walk in and around the high mountains above Garmisch and visit some stunning Rococo buildings.

Ramblers Walking Holidays – The Four Corners of Anglesey

Walk the coastal paths of the Isle of Anglesey. Walk the beaches, escarpments, dunes, sea cliffs and natural areas.

Holiday Highlights:

  • Visiting the many clean and beautiful beaches.
  • Exploring coastal towns and villages such as Beaumaris, Holyhead and Malltraeth.
  • Views of Snowdonia and the Lleyn Peninsula.

Ramblers Walking Holidays – Walking The Moselle Trail

A week walking some spectacular highlights of the Moselsteig long distance path
The Moselle Trail, like the slow flowing river it follows, meanders through villages and countryside seemingly unchanged by the centuries. Paths through vineyards lead to half-timbered houses with flower-bedecked balconies. Castles look down from the craggy peaks, whilst pleasure boats and barges navigate  the waters.

The Moselle is a beautiful area tucked away in the south western part of Germany. The Moselle Valley is best known for its world-famous wines.

Ramblers Walking Holidays Germany Wanderlust Walk

Ruegen Ramblers and Julia’s Germany Wanderlust Walk

Ruegen Walking Holiday coming soon!

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Guests and diners can select from a sumptuous and varied menu which makes superb use of the finest and freshest seasonal produce, courtesy of the hotel’s proprietor, New Zealand-born chef Chris Coubrough and his kitchen team.

Whether you choose to eat in The Crown’s Chancery room, the spacious Gun Room and Library Room, you’re sure of a culinary experience that will linger long on the tongue, and even longer in the memory. Alternatively, eat on our fantastic sun soaked, south facing terrace.



A feat of engineering, this Reversible Bag turns perfectly inside-out with Sesame and contrast Ocean piping on one side, and the reverse combination on the other making two bags in one! Made from 100% polyester, it is lightweight yet hardwearing, and is perfect for days out, with plenty of intelligent pocketing to keeps things organised. With coordinating Large Bagletts.

RollerMate Walker G2 – Crutch with Wheels

An ideal alternative to the traditional crutch or cane, RollerMate one-handed walker ensures even and gentle pressure distributed to feet, legs, arms, and shoulders whilst offering a very modern, stylish design.

Best for those with light instability who typically use a crutch or walking cane, it creates far less impact to the shoulders and arms than a traditional crutch. This wheeled crutch is designed for users with sufficient balance and ability to anticipate environmental factors and resist unexpected movements. A handy hook on the shaft allows a bag of shopping to be easily carried while you are on the move.

Rollz MotionRollz Motion

Rollz Motion Performance All-Terrain Rollator & Wheelchair

The new Rollz Motion Performance all in one rollator and wheelchair. The pneumatic tyres for off-roading provide a smoother ride, even on bumpy roads and paths, for added freedom. The extra-thick padding on the armrests and the ergonomically shaped handles on this rollator/wheelchair give added comfort for the user and easier experience for the person pushing when in wheelchair mode. And as an added benefit, the footrests are height adjustable to accommodate different leg lengths.

You can transform your Rollz Performance from a rollator into a wheelchair, and back again, with the flick of the wrist. Walk steadily, comfortably and upright, and have a seat, using the wheelchair, when you feel like it. No obligation home demonstrations are available.



The moment the air flowing over the sails gets organised something very sciencey happens – it is very complicated – but your whole body feels the moment, the boat comes alive and surges forward. It starts as a feeling in your toes and becomes a sensation in your stomach and emerges as a smile on your lips.

Sailing is a sensational sport. It is about working with what you can feel and controlling the boat to suit.
Sailing can take you around the lake, around the country or the world. It is amazing to experience the technology that created our modern world.

Sailing can be one of the most accessible adventure sports because the joy of sailing is about controlling the vessel rather than propelling it, there is little or no distance to move your own body and it is possible to be an excellent sailor with any sensory impairment.

We offer a taste of sailing days, lake sailing weekends (with camping, hotels or sleeping onboard) and extended trips in Scotland and beyond.


Camplify is the fastest growing peer-to-peer caravan hire and motorhome rental community in the UK. We connect local owners of static caravans, touring caravans, campervans, motorhomes and trailer tents with holidaymakers seeking to experience the joys of camping in the Scotland.

Scotland offers holidaymakers epic scenery and a holiday destination that is bound to be remembered for years to come. Majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, lush countryside, bustling cities, medieval towns, and dramatic castles – it’s all here for you to explore. Start your camping holiday by seeing the sites in Edinburgh, or head right off the beaten path to the Scottish Highlands. You can hire a caravan, trailer tent or campervan or motorhome for maximum flexibility when traveling around the beautiful country, and with Camplify it couldn’t be easier.

Self-Catering Lodges

Luxurious 4* self-catering holiday accommodation in rural Rutland. The lodges at Greetham Valley offer the perfect venue for a relaxing break to explore the surrounding area. Our eight eco-friendly log cabins comfortably sleep up to 6 adults plus a cot. Each have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and are furnished to a very high standard.

Five of the lodges are pet-friendly at no extra cost. There is even a restaurant and lounge bar in the hotel on site for your convenience. There are some fantastic public footpaths on your doorstep with Rutland Water just a few miles away.

Sitpack ZenSitpack Zen

SitPack Zen X-Series Seat/Perching Stick

A new, portable seating solution that is compact, strong, lightweight, adjustable and more comfortable than traditional seat sticks. Sitpack Zen has a strikingly modern look and is made from leading-edge technology. In place of a padded seat, you rest on a fabric sling.

This perching seat/seat stick is the perfect solution for using with a standing desk, or while you wait for the train, bird watching or stop to admire the view on an outdoor TOG adventure. It will also take the strain when you need to rest your back or your legs and it packs away neatly into its integral carry case for handy portability. When in the carry mode, the fabric sling becomes the shoulder strap for carrying your Sitpack -ingenious!


The SYKLAND is a super breathable and stretchy fleece jacket with an extra-high collar. It provides good protection from the cold and is designed for energetic outdoor sports.

The fleece fabric has multi-directional stretch properties. The piqué structure on the outside allows moisture to evaporate quickly; the brushed reverse side delivers the right level of insulation for running or other fast-paced sports.

Inserts at the sides in thinner stretch fleece further enhance the jacket’s breathability and flexibility.

Please bear in mind this is the jacket Julia wore for the programme so might not be in stock but there will be something similar found on the brand website.

Sleeper’s Castle by Barbara Erskine

If ever there was a city built for book lovers, then this is it! Every year the famous Hay festival takes place. So whether you travel to the town for this or for a holiday at any other time, Barbara Erskine books take you there and back in time too!

Sleeper’s Castle  – a mysterious name for a house on the border between England and Wales. Sue lives here but is heading back to Australia for a year, she lets friend Miranda live there rent free if she’ll look after it. Miranda finds the house’s creaks and groans very mysterious…..Catrin who lived in the house in 1400 is calling out to her…

If you can tear yourself away from the book and the book festival, Hay Castle plays a role in the book’s landscape and is well worth a visit.


Whether you are recovering from a short-term injury, or you have long-term mobility difficulties; SmartCRUTCH will keep you comfortably mobile. 

These cool crutches are ergonomically designed for maximum support, stability, comfort and durability.   The unique design of SmartCRUTCH spreads the entire load over your whole forearm which releases pressure and pain from the hands and wrists. Transferring the pressure to your forearm helps to reduce fatigue and helps you to maintain a correct posture.

With more than 46 adjustments, you can set your SmartCRUTCH to suit your needs. Only weighing 900 grams per crutch, the ergonomically designed grips suit the natural wrist and left and right-hand positions in a neutral state. The adjustable forearm braces, allow individual settings to suit your comfort requirements and are padded with memory foam for added comfort.

SmartCrutches are available in several fun colours and various sizes to suit both adults and children. They come with a flexible ferrule that angulates in all directions, keeping a constant purchase on the ground to help keep you mobile and active.