TGA WHILL Powerchair

Designed and developed by leading talents from the Japanese car industry, WHILL is a pioneering new powerchair from TGA with incredible all-directional four-wheel-drive. If you have limited walking abilities you can once again enjoy the great outdoors with the WHILL – there is no other powered wheelchair like it.


The WHILL provides:

  • Effortless manoeuvrability – all-directional ‘omni’ front wheels
  • Class leading accessibility – drive over 3’’ high obstacles
  • Pioneering performance – powerful 4WD system and batteries
  • Tailor-made comfort – advanced postural support
  • Impressive ergonomics – effortless steering and controls 
  • Precision and quality – top specification engineering
  • Comfortable table and desk access – powered seat slide technology
  • Simple side transfers – arm rests swing-away effortless