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Hungry WomanHungry Woman

Hungry Woman by Pauline Cox

It’s time to reset your hormones …

Women’s health has long been overlooked and under-researched – with menopause legislation now being openly discussed and ongoing campaigns against the stigma around periods, this important conversation is coming into the light.

In our modern lifestyles, women are increasingly suffering from a hormonal rollercoaster. From tricky puberty to endometriosis, mood swings or PMT, anxiety and adrenal fatigue, low fertility, poor sleep and tummy fat, plus many challenging menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms – this book is the solution to freeing yourself from the hormone trap.

Sow & Arrow

Primal Living in a Modern World, by Pauline Cox

Pauline’s first award winning book, Primal Living in a Modern World, offers a step by step ways of optimising health. “Our modern way of living isn’t always congruent with our health needs, calming the nervous system, improving sleep and optimising hormonal balance are essential for good health!”

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The Concise Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide

The Concise Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide

★★★★★ Excellent Overview for a Healthy Lifestyle with Practical Tips!

We are in the midst of a health crisis Rates of chronic disease and obesity are higher than ever. The outlook for the health of future generations looks bleak. But this trend is not inevitable. You can take control of your own health. Your path to a healthier, happier life begins here. The Concise Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide distils the latest thinking on key health topics, including the gut microbiome and circadian rhythms. It gives practical tips on how to use this knowledge to combat obesity and chronic disease.

Key hormones involved in health and weight regulation. Practical tips on how to achieve lasting weight loss. How to spot unhealthy foods and ingredients that drive poor health. Strategies to improve sleep, mood, mental health and energy levels. Daily habits to improve health that can be easily implemented and give quick results. How to effectively implement long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Tree Glee

TREE GLEE, by Cheryl Rickman

How and Why Trees Make Us Feel Better
Trees and humans essentially want the same thing – to live good, happy, purposeful lives and to flourish. We are inextricably bound.

Trees provide us with the necessities of life – they clean the air we breathe, fill us with awe as we walk through forests and provide timber for the houses we live in, yet there are deeper reasons for our arboreal admiration that go beyond utility and beauty …

Dare To TriLouise Minchin

Dare to Tri, by Louise Minchin

Dare to Tri is Louise’s candid memoir of her incredible journey, recounting her rediscovery of competitive sport after nearly 30 years and her first tentative steps as a triathlete.

In a story encompassing equal measures of determination and self-doubt, Louise has to overcome personal nerves, a brutal training regime, the odd bike crash and the occasional drama. Her adventure as she strives to represent Great Britain in triathlon is an inspiration for sporting late-starters everywhere.

FearlessLouise Minchin

Fearless, by Louise Minchin

Louise Minchin went from presenting BBC Breakfast to competing for the GB Triathlon Team. Driven to bring more attention to female stories, she embarks on adventures with trailblazing women who are breaking down barriers, smashing records and challenging stereotypes in the world of sports and endurance.

This is a celebration of courageous women and a moving reminder of the power of female spirit.

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Walk Yourself Happy

Walk Yourself Happy – Personalised Copy

Join Julia Bradbury as she leads you through the walk of our lifetimes. There’s a lot of talk about how we all must connect more with nature. But what does that mean? How do you do it? And what does it do for you in return? Can something as simple as going for a walk really improve your life? The simple answer is: YES.

Walk Yourself Happy

Price includes free mainland UK P&P and a donation to The Outdoor Guide Foundation’s wellies & waterproofs for kids campaign.


Personalised copy, signed by Julia Bradbury

Atomic Focus

Atomic Focus


  • Change your mental state on command?
  • Find a place of deep focused flow, any time you need to?
  • See your options clearly and know, in your gut, which is the right path for you?
  • Begin to enjoy life on your own terms, with confidence and assurance?

It has never been harder to focus than it is now. We live in a noisy, crowded, stressful world that changes so fast, we’re always running to catch up. Traditional education doesn’t give us the skills to manage. And if you live largely in your own head, techniques like mindfulness fall short. In extremes, we turn to external solutions like social media, alcohol, and recreational drugs, just to get some space from our own thoughts.

Breathing for Yoga

Breathing for Yoga

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Yoga Practice. From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Practice: Transform Your Yoga Journey with Every Breath.

Patrick McKeown, globally esteemed breathing specialist and Buteyko expert, has transformed the lives of thousands with his revolutionary approach to breathing. Trained at Moscow’s Buteyko Clinic, Patrick’s passion lies at the intersection of traditional yoga practices and modern science.

The Breathing Cure

The Breathing Cure

The Breathing Cure is Patrick McKeown’s most comprehensive work to date. Complete with simple, safe exercises to gently and dramatically improve your quality of life.

  • 26 easy self-practice breathing exercises for adults, children and teens.
  • Understand breathing from three simple dimensions.
  • Discover comprehensive research and new scientific advances.
  • Whether you are living with chronic ill health, “just okay” or a sporting superstar.
The Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage book provides a practical introduction to Patrick’s revolutionary approach to breathing. Improve your body’s oxygen use, boost your health, improve weight loss and enhance sports performance.

Whether you’re a closet couch potato, a budding athlete or a sporting champion, The Oxygen Advantage will help you look better, feel
better, and do more.

  • Packed with clear, scientific information and breathing exercises.
  • Understand and apply the Oxygen Advantage® technique.
  • Now available in 12 languages.
  • Consistently high reader review ratings on Amazon and Google.