The Concise Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide

★★★★★ Excellent Overview for a Healthy Lifestyle with Practical Tips!

We are in the midst of a health crisis Rates of chronic disease and obesity are higher than ever. The outlook for the health of future generations looks bleak. But this trend is not inevitable. You can take control of your own health. Your path to a healthier, happier life begins here. The Concise Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide distils the latest thinking on key health topics, including the gut microbiome and circadian rhythms. It gives practical tips on how to use this knowledge to combat obesity and chronic disease.

Key hormones involved in health and weight regulation. Practical tips on how to achieve lasting weight loss. How to spot unhealthy foods and ingredients that drive poor health. Strategies to improve sleep, mood, mental health and energy levels. Daily habits to improve health that can be easily implemented and give quick results. How to effectively implement long-lasting lifestyle changes.