Going Wild – Nature’s Playground

This delightful illustrated book is a guide to introducing children to the great outdoors through fun activities in nature. Designed for use by families, carers, play workers and teachers, the book sets out guidelines for safe and engaging play outdoors, with useful tips on how to hold children’s attention on longer excursions. The book is divided into seasons, with activities appropriate to each. for example, in spring, children can explore aquatic life in ponds and streams, collect material to make birds’ nests or look out for growing bulbs; in autumn they can collect berries or make collages with fallen leaves. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on helping children gain an appreciation of nature’s patterns, giving them confidence in the outdoor environment in a way that is educational, safe and, above all, fun.


“A rich and beautifully illustrated cookbook of outdoor play activities, its season-by-season recipes will help put nature back where it belongs: at the heart of children’s everyday experiences.” (Ecologist on line, April 2006)

“Both inspirational and practical, and offers rich encouragement for tempting children outside with beautiful ideas for weeks’ worth of environmental play” (Play Today, 2006)

“A lovely book, beautifully produced and illustrated and full of fun” (The Countryman, February 2006)

“This inspiring book will have you wanting to get out in all weathers” (The Teacher, April 2006)

“The book is full of tips on how to protect the environment and the children, but the underlying message is that children need adventure” (Times Educational Supplement, February 2006)

“Even if you are the ultimate “let’s have a mud fight and to hell with the washing “ kind of family, you’ll find that Danks and Schofield have come up with outdoor activities you have never thought of before” (Time Out, April 2006)