Julia Bradbury’s Canal Walks Book (Julia Bradbury)

The walks featured in this book and the BBC 4 television series follow a network of locks, bridges, aqueducts and tunnels, perfect for walkers wanting to explore on foot.

It was canals that transformed Britain into an economic superpower, the transport arteries at the heart of an expanding industrial age. By the late 1700s Canal Mania was sweeping the nation and a new and growing network of transport superhighways dominated the landscape. Canals had arrived connecting towns and cities with Britain’s industrial heartlands and export hubs.

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Today, over 2,000 miles of restored canals offer a gateway into a different world enjoyed by millions. Canal holidays are incredibly popular; people live on canals, and cycle and walk alongside them. “The Industrial Revolution is far behind us and outdoor leisure/ lifestyle pursuits are where it’s at.” says Julia Bradbury “I of course love the walking aspect, that’s what I do. And it was a real pleasure exploring the canals and their history.”

1. Llangollen Canal ‘A Stream Throgh The Skies’ (North Wales)

2. Caledonian Canal ‘From Coast to Coast’ (Highlands)

3. Worcester & Birmingham Canal ‘Industrial Revelations’ (Birmingham)

4. Kennet & Avon Canal ‘Restoration & Renaissance’ (Bath)