Mayfly Safari Tent

Mayfly Safari Tent enjoys endless views over the fields surrounding Riverdale; the comfy chairs under the large canopy will be your favourite spot to watch spectacular sunsets against the backdrop of the higher ground of the Yorkshire Dales. Or will the romance of sitting around the fire pit and cooking steaks on a real woodfire (instead of the gas-fired BBQ) get you out into the garden?

Mayfly has wheel-friendly access via a gently sloping wooden ramp (90-100 cm wide), there is plenty of manoeuvre space in the super-sized living area and around the large log burner, and the king-size double bedroom has wider access. With the 4 bunk beds, that brings the total capacity to 6 people. Mayfly offers, just like the other 3 Riverdale Safari Tents, an individually styled “quirky vintage” décor and all the extra and unusual super-glamping 5*comforts that we already mentioned at Butterfly Safari Tent!