Rohan Men’s Element T

Made from a blend of sophisticated, technical fibres, our Element T offers a high-performance alternative to a basic cotton T-shirt.

The Dryknit™ fabric looks and feels like a top-quality cotton jersey but that’s where the similarity ends – its performance has more in common with a technical outdoor base layer than anything you might find in a High Street clothes shop.

Like a technical base layer, it wicks extremely efficiently. It’s also easy to wash – in the machine or by hand – and will comfortably dry overnight, even in cool or humid conditions. It’ll be ready to wear again the next morning, with no ironing required. It’s constructed using ‘Vortex’ spun yarns to provide long-term durability – it’ll never stretch, fade or lose its shape. It just keeps going – year after year.

It also offers very good (UPF40+)* level of protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation in conjunction with all the benefits of Airflow™ cooling. Our Dynamic Moisture Control™ finish offers cool comfort in hot, humid conditions – in fact, it’s the perfect option for warm-weather trekking and travel.