Once you get a taste for the outdoors and all it has to offer, you may be out and about every chance you get! If you live somewhere that’s full of outdoor adventure options, it’s entirely possible you’ve done a few of them more than once. 

Even the most passionate outdoor enthusiasts can fall into the trap of visiting the same places and doing the same things again and again. Maybe it’s time for a change! 

If your adventures need levelling up, here are 5 ideas for you to try next time you head out for some time in nature. 

#1: Choose a Different Mode of Transport 

It may sound silly, but changing up how you get where you’re going can start you off on an unusual adventurous foot. 

Do you usually drive to your outdoor destination? Why not join a tour group in a van instead? How about letting someone else drive so you can be the passenger? Or rent a motorcycle or scooter for a day (if you have a licence) and take a road trip? 

If you’re headed somewhere a little further away that you’d usually fly to, how about changing it up, adding a couple extra days to your trip, and driving down? 

You can even get as creative as taking a helicopter flight to an unusual location. Have fun with it! 

#2: Do Something You’re Afraid Of 

Yep! This is a tough one. Most of us have fears for a reason, but often, they’re unfounded and hold us back from living our best life. Why not face one of them? 

  • Scared of heights? Do a bungee jump. 
  • Healthy fear of horses? Take a horse ride. 
  • Afraid of snakes? Visit a snake park and hold one. 
  • Queasy stomach? Try some “alternative cuisine”, like mopani worms or crickets. 

Get creative! You don’t need to leap head-on into your worst fear. Start small, do your research, and have some fun while doing it! 

#3: Take Your Dog Along 

Is there anything that’s not better with a wagging tail and puppy dog eyes? If your next outdoor adventure allows for it, why not take your pup along for the ride! 

Hiking, camping, walking, backpacking, road tripping, RVing, and even some adventurous sports like kayaking can be done with a pup in tow. 

Be thoughtful about it, though, and do your homework to make sure dogs are allowed before just taking your pooch with you. Don’t forget to take the camera, too! 

#4: Leave the Tech At Home 

This one could be hard, especially for those tech-minded people out there! But it can add an exciting element to your travels to forgo the GPS, find-me apps, and boredom-busting internet browsing. 

Find a real map, plot your route, and plan your itinerary beforehand so you aren’t tempted to search for inspiration online. 

Of course, it’s a good idea to have a cell phone on hand in case of emergencies. But we advise strict monitoring and no use unless absolutely necessary! 

#5: Create A Fundraiser 

There are a few ways to get some outdoor time and do some good at the same time. Keep an eye out for events and fundraisers in and around your area that incorporate some outdoorsy stuff. Better yet, arrange one for an organisation you care about

Do you have a passion for animals, the homeless, or helping the elderly? Even in these socially-distanced times, it’s possible to arrange events to raise funds for those who have been hit hard by life lately. 

A group hike, outdoor concert, or beach cleanup are just a few examples of something that could raise money, awareness, and do some good while getting some fresh air at the same time. 


How about it? Why not try something a bit different? Be a little brave and crazy on your next outdoor trip. You may be surprised at how much fun you have, the memories you make, and the things you learn! 


Mike Powell is an enthusiastic dog-lover and outdoorsman who enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion about pups, dog nutrition, accessories, and health over at Dog Embassy