Divis and Black Mountain – spectacular views across Northern Ireland


This month’s walk is again located in Belfast City, a trip up Divis and Black Mountain offering some spectacular peak bagging right on your doorstep.

Both located in the heart of the Belfast Hills, it is a combination of grassland and heathland bog, containing a multitude of wildlife and archaeological remains.

Divis Mountain stands 478m and Black Mountain stands 390m. There is a choice of four routes, we completed the Summit and Ridge Trail. These trails are managed by the National Trust, with good car parking facilities, café and toilets available. All the trails can be started at the National Trust café and information center.

The Summit Trail is a circular trial approximately 3 miles in total, the path itself is uneven and roughly-stoned at times, so good footwear is required. The trial is very exposed so it is important to make sure you are ready for any changes in the weather. It is a steep walk up to the summit of Divis Mountain which offers amazing views towards Donegal, Scotland, Cumbria, Isle of Man and Wales. Once you reach the summit a trigonometry pillar is located there which was the first point used in mapping of Ireland in 1825.

A gravel and stone path which leads down the mountain, a wooden boardwalk leads to the summit of Black Mountain. This circular walk approximately 4.2 miles, offering spectacular views on a clear day of Scotland, Isle of Man and Cumbria.

This is a wonderful walk and with four trails to choose from it can be a short or longer walk.