Taking Conscious rest on our Walk Yourself Happy retreat

Through the relaxing and rejuvenating practice of AromaSounds
AromaSounds invites you to take conscious rest through connecting to your senses more deeply.

Lisa Pauley

AromaSounds weaves together 4 synergistic therapies. Each one stimulates and catalyses our body’s natural healing response, so when we combine all 4 together, we experience balance and harmony within our physical & emotional wellbeing.

You may be familiar with one or two of these areas, but maybe a couple are new to you. So heres a little more about the 4 areas that make up an AromaSounds experience:

  1. We embrace Natures Wisdom:
    We connect to our powerful sense of smell and bring the wisdom and potency of nature from the outside in through using pure essential oils to introduce plant chemistry into our system, so to support the smooth flow and rebalancing of emotional and physical concerns.
  2. We work with Energy Medicine:
    Through gentle touch and connecting to our sense of feeling, we embrace the Ancient wisdom of Chinese Energy Medicine. Working with simple self acupressure protocols and energy medicine practices to connect to our bodies energy anatomy, along with our physical anatomy, so to open up and support our whole being.
  3. We rest deeply through guided breathing and Yoga Nidra relaxation:
    We connect to our sense of insight, as opposed to our outer vision, to draw our focus inwards. So following this gentle movement of energy and with the essential oils weaving through our bodily systems, we are in a receptive state to take conscious rest of guided Yoga Nidra, a form of non sleep deep rest (NSDR)
  4. Finally, we receive the sonic sound frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls:
    With the body now in a primed state for deep relaxation, balance and flow- we open up our sense of hearing, to not only hear the sounds but FEEL the sonic sound vibrations of the pure Alchemy Crystal tones a they resound high level vibrations that act to release tension and constriction within the body mind.

All of this done whilst lying down on a supported ‘nest’, made up of bolsters, blankets, eye pillows and cushions. What a delicious gift to give ourselves.

Feedback from hundreds of students who regularly take conscious rest through immersing themselves in AromaSounds, often falls within these key areas:

  • Deep release of tension in the muscles
  • The reduction of long held chronic pain
  • A felt experience and a sense of expanded awareness
  • Insights into creativity and unresolved issues
  • A physiological drop from fight or flight into rest and digest para sympathetic nervous system
  • Calming impact the mind state so to reduce mental noise.

Ultimately, when we consciously invite the body to relax, through connecting to the pathways of our senses using these tools of essential oils, sonic sound, conscious breathing and deep relaxation – we are creating the most optimal healing environment for renewal and replenishment. So by taking intentional breaks for conscious rest, we can invite profound benefits into our physical wellbeing, mental health, and the fine tuning of our more subtle energy anatomy.


Blog Author: Lisa Pauley