June this year (2018) saw the London Blind Walkers’ Group annual visit to the Godalming and Haslemere Ramblers (G&H) who took them on a six mile walk through the glorious Surrey countryside.P6100524.jpeg

The blind walkers travelled across London to Waterloo to catch the train to Guildford, with the help of some sighted walkers, to be met by the G&H members who drove them to the start point in the local area of Blackheath.


Blessed with beautiful summer weather the walk went through varied countryside on footpaths that were not always easy to traverse with lots of up hill.

Heading north we guided our guests up to Newlands Corner, one of Surrey’s most famous and beautiful spots, where we enjoyed a picnic lunch.  Then onward heading back south through woods, past lakes to the start point.


The day didn’t end there! Two members of our group hosted tea and cakes in their beautiful garden.

Many of our team helped with leading our guests and guiding them through the pathways, explaining the countryside views, types of trees and points of interest.  Some like to feel the tree bark and smell the flowers making it a sensory experience too.


When tea was done, we were off back to Guildford station to drop the blind walkers safely back on the train to Waterloo for the journey home.

It is without a doubt a super day to be part of which we have enjoyed for many years. It never ceases to amaze us how enthusiastic the blind walkers are and the type of walks they can manage with a small amount of help.  They too enjoy walking in the countryside, sometimes in many more ways than we do. Having a sight impairment enhances other senses and teaches us that there is so much to enjoy on a country walk and that it is there for everyone to enjoy regardless of who you are or your ability.