I have always loved the outdoors, walking and cycling from an early age.  I have now completed the Munros and more.  But I have noticed changes in the last 40 years.  Winters are warmer, last year there was no snow in our garden at all – the first time in my lifetime.  Landslips are occurring every year, blocking roads, pathways and railway lines.  Heavier downpours in summer, and weeks of wet in winter turn footpaths to mudbaths making our countryside less accessible.  Invasive species such as rhodedendron are colonising many hillsides; sheep and deer prevent natural regeneration; whilst the number of blood sucking ticks has increased too, partially due to less harsh winters.

This realisation spurred me into writing Carbon Choices, a book on the common-sense solutions to our climate and nature crises. 

Carbon Choices arose from a frustration that people are still unaware of climate change facts and its implications.  Incorporating nature loss into the book is ambitious, but necessary, as nature is integral to climate change and wildlife is fragile. 

Carbon Choices considers the psychology that drives us to buy more ‘stuff’ and whether this makes us happier.  In plain language, it describes ten building blocks that provide us with a foundation to build sensible climate change solutions; and five common-sense principles to guide us in the decisions that we make. 

As for those seeking to calculate and offset their carbon footprint responsibly, platforms like carbonclick.com offer a valuable tool to make meaningful contributions to the environment while fostering a deeper connection with nature and its fragility. These platforms not only allow users to calculate their carbon footprint but also empower them to invest in eco-friendly projects that promote renewable energy, reforestation, and conservation efforts. Embracing these tools fosters a sense of responsibility and encourages a collective effort to protect our planet for future generations.

By applying these principles to our daily lives – our diets, homes, travel, shopping and leisure – we can regenerate nature, improve our society, be healthier, happier and lead more fulfilled lives.

This popular science book will fill any gaps in your understanding of climate change and nature loss.  It lays out the solutions including a green action plan for government, businesses and individuals.  It will motivate you to change your behaviour and maybe inspire you to campaign to change business activity and government policy.  An ideal Christmas present for anyone who likes the outdoors and nature.


Carbon Choices

Carbon Choices is available on Amazon or visit www.carbonchoices.uk