The best hidden Gloucestershire coffee spots to visit after your walk …


The Whistle Stop café – Tetbury

The Whistle Stop Café in Tetbury is a gem of a place. It’s small and quaint, but that only adds to its charm! The atmosphere inside the café is like stepping into a home away from home, with a warm and welcoming vibe that makes you feel right at ease. Located right next to the arts centre which features films, shows, music and more you’ll find more and more excuses to come back.

The café is decorated with vintage decor and whimsical touches – it’s like stepping back in time! Surrounding Tetbury is a mezze of different walks you can choose from, including the Tetbury and Westonbirt circular if you’re looking for a proper hike, or even just a stroll around Tetbury itself will justify a quick reward at this secret spot.

The Lavender bakehouse- Stroud

It’s always the simplest and smallest spots that make for the best secret hangouts! The Lavender Bakehouse is the perfect place to come and relax with friends. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, it’s a great spot to gather and share conversation over coffee or tea.

The walls are adorned with vintage-inspired artwork depicting scenes from the English countryside—a perfect backdrop for enjoying a sweet treat. Located to the southeast of Stroud in Chalford, this is a great space to make your nest in. Surrounded by hills and gorgeous Cotswold countryside views, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the Minchinhampton common which will set up for a great walk overlooking what beauties Stroud has to offer.

The School House Café – Cheltenham

The School House Café in Cheltenham is in a converted schoolhouse, creating a rustic and charming setting. Inside, the walls of the old building are decorated with vintage photographs and artwork, which adds to the nostalgic feeling. The café has an intimate vibe as well, with cosy corner tables for those looking for some privacy or for two people sharing a romantic moment.

Whether you’re looking for craft beers, fine wines, or spirits – the School House Café has you covered.  Whether you’re in Cheltenham exploring the town centre or making use of the Leckhampton hill walks, this is the perfect last stop before you drop.

Heather’s Café- Cirencester

Heather’s Café in Cirencester offers a unique atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying some quality time with family and friends. Its cosy, inviting decor welcomes locals and visitors alike, creating a space where you can relax and enjoy good food, great company, and warm hospitality. The menu features delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.

During the summer months, Heather’s Café opens its outdoor seating area which will give you a chance to soak up the sun while taking in the picturesque views of the town square. Nearby offers the opportunity to explore some of Cirencester’s little landmarks including the Abbey Grounds– a perfect short stroll.

Blog Author: Lily Meyers