A lot has happened over the last year and no doubt you will have tonnes of gossip to share with missed loved ones. If there is anything that we have learnt, it’s that the small things are always worth celebrating and time together is so very precious. With restrictions now easing, we can once again meet up with family and friends outside of our homes, albeit still at a safe distance.

To celebrate this, Yorkshire born and bred business, Fenetic Wellbeing had an idea. Yorkshire is home to many wonderful things, most notably being the indescribable views and fields of untouched grass land.

The team found and hand selected some of the most beautiful walks, did some calculations and grouped them together based on how long you and a loved one have been apart for. Featured are both rural and urban walks boasting miles of room for children and dogs to run, and all are accessible for both the abled and less abled. Below are examples of only a few of the walks that Fenetic Wellbeing have hand selected for you, and you can find the rest here.

Agden Walk 3.5 miles – 3 month catch up
With vast amounts of tranquil and natural scenery for your viewing pleasure, you’d never know you were only 25 minutes from Sheffield’s bustling city centre. The walk itself is fairly level with only a few slight inclines, perfect for an ambient stroll to catch up with a friend.

Fenetic Wellbeing

Fewston and Timble Walk 6.2 miles – 6 month catch up
Boasting a mighty 6.2 miles, you’ll be lost for words at the breath-taking North Yorkshire scenery, but you’ll still have plenty to chat about. The terrain is mainly flat and wide, making it an accessible route for wheelchair users, but does include some steeper inclines and muddy trails, perfect for walking, running, or hiking.

Fenetic Wellbeing

Leeds City Owl Walk 8 miles – 12 month catch up
Not only will you get to experience the rich heritage of Leeds, but you’ll be on a fun hunt for 25 owls that have been hidden across the city, perfect for families of all ages. Whilst the children, or your partners, are scavenging for the hidden treasures, you can share tactics that you’ve been using to tire your family out so steal some along time.

So, if you haven’t seen your dad for 6 months, you’ll have plenty of time to catch up on a 5-mile walk, accompanied by scenery far more beautiful than a Zoom screen.

With all of this on our very doorstep, it’d be a shame to not see it for ourselves.

Fenetic Wellbeing

Author: Fenetic Wellbeing