As part of our research for our Lake Pass Trail, we came across four lovely ladies. They were so interested in what we were doing in creating accessible high level, adventurous treks for wheelchair users.
A few days ago I received the following email from one of the ladies which has really touched my heart. I have been given permission to share it here on The Outdoor Guide. It reads…
Hi Debbie
I am Diane one of the group of 4 girls you met on the path leading to Pillar and Great Gable. I am enclosing the photos I took. Two of the girls, Sheila and Christine did not make it much further as they were reluctant to cross the beck further up which was in full flow with the rain. The crossing stones were under water and the flow was very fast. Lorraine and I are very confident walkers and we just crossed balancing on the stones quickly and were off but the other two returned down and pottered part way up Sty Head. Lorraine and I continued the ascent of Pillar on the “high level route” which involves scrambling up to Robinsons and Pillar rock then onto Pillar.
We had quite a few hairy moments on this adrenalin route which is exposed. We had to cross a narrow slab that has a sheer 2500 feet drop down the side…. which would have been fine if it had not been covered in green slimy algae. The rock face to the side was flat so the only thing to grip onto was some grass sods at the bottom. After that we had a couple of steep gullies to climb before we emerged at the top of Pillar exhilarated but knackered.
We all said how much we admire you for keep trying to climb the fells.  Sheila, Lorraine and Christine said they did not have the courage to ride the machine but like you I would do anything to keep going up those fells. It was a privilege to have met you.