Nature is all around us
The book contains 365 entries about the wildlife and nature everyone can enjoy every day of the year – outside their window, in a garden, park, hedgerow or a roadside verge.  Credit: National Trust Images/Emily Roe

The infinite variety of nature is close at hand and you can celebrate the ordinary wonders of the natural world by noticing something new every day of the year. From acid yellow lichen on elder branches in January to the woodland aroma of wild garlic, spring becomes summer with poppies adorning the roadside in July and the moth fluttering against your window in late August. Enjoy russet apples in autumn or a friendly garden robin in December. This book encourages you to find beauty in the everyday and forge your own powerful connection with the nature on your doorstep.

Author Andy Beer’s formative memories of his childhood were spent exploring the insides of overgrown hawthorn hedgerows in the fields across the road, trying to catch speckled wood butterflies and sitting on gates listening to yellowhammers. At the age of 17, he spent a summer on the small island of Fair Isle, underneath big skies with wild seas and no other land in sight, returning with a love of long horizons and a habit of noticing things. 

After working on the Woodland Trust’s Millennium Woods project for ten years, he joined the National Trust and was involved with developing a nature campaign called ‘50 things to do before you are 11 ¾’. He is now the Director of the Midlands, responsible for the land and buildings held by the National Trust from the Welsh border to the Lincolnshire coast. His job is not just to look after these places, but to make them as rich in nature and loved as much as possible.

The National Trust is Europe’s largest conservation charity protecting nature, history and beauty for everyone for ever. The Trust’s priorities are responding to the climate crisis facing our environment and inspiring more people to connect with nature, highlighting the link between nature and wellbeing. To achieve these, the Trust will become carbon net zero by 2030 and will plant 20 million more trees by 2030, creating 18,000 more hectares of woodland.

The Trust aims to make nature accessible to everyone, to inspire more people to feel part of it and to restore emotional connections with the natural world. By 2030, the Trust will establish 20 new green corridors – connecting urban centres with natural landscapes and offering access to nature for all.

Andy’s book ‘Every Day Nature’ inspires and informs people about the nature on their doorstep. It can be purchased via

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