There are few steps as fulfilling as those accompanied by night skies filled with countless stars above. Taking a night hike can be as peaceful and memorable as any view captured in the day. Try the list below for the best night walks for stargazing in the UK.

Keswick, Cumbria

To see a full night sky of stars reflecting beautifully in the waters beneath try out the short hike from Lakeside Car Park to Friar’s Crag. This beginner-level hike can be made by anyone and ends with a viewing bench looking out over the calm waters of Derwentwater Lake. From here you’ll see open skies with rolling hills in the distance making the perfect foreground for thousands of night stars above. Take your camera with you to capture the breathtaking night sky or you could even try using your smartphone for high-quality pictures of the stars

Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

The well-known expansive skies of Wicken Fen are perfect for taking a stroll with your torch through the marshy lowlands. Let the boardwalks guide your way as you get 360-degree views of the night stars. The unique wildlife of the waterways provides even more reason to hike Wicken Fen at night. If you plan your trip right you’ll even get to enjoy the glow worms that accompany you in June and July. 


Llyn Llydaw, Snowdonia

Head up Miner’s Track from Pen y Pass and you’ll find another perfect spot for beginner night hikers at Llyn Llydaw. You’ll get beautiful views of the moon and stars reflecting off the lake as you make your way across the peaceful trails. If weather permits, you could even continue your journey up to Glaslyn Lake for even more night star reflections off the water. 

Mam Tor, Peak District

For complete and unobstructed views of the universe above, Mam Tor in Peak District is a great night sky watching spot for night hikers. The trek to the top is trickier than other trails on this list because of its elevation gains as well as uneven ground. Bringing a reliable torch is going to come in handy and when you get to your destination you’ll enjoy complete panoramic views of above. 

Barbury Castle and the Ridgeway, Wiltshire

Some call it the oldest road in Europe but for those who’ve traveled across its rolling hills the Ridgeway in Wiltshire is as peaceful a place to watch the stars as any other. Your streak will start and end at Barbury Castle County Park which means if you plan it well enough you could catch a rising sun cutting through the mist over Marlborough Downs.


Raul Mercado is an outdoor enthusiast who helps guide others with their outdoor experience at Camping Helper.