After so much time spent indoors, more and more people are trying to escape to the outdoors – and overlanding seems to be an appropriate activity for that. The pandemic sent many families overlanding, helping them get closer as they are discovering the beauties of the world together. But what exactly is overlanding, and where are some good places to go? Well, we’ll find out shortly.

Overlanding for Beginners

What Is Overlanding?
Overlanding dates back to Australia, during a time when there weren’t even any cars around. Instead, there were carts and horses. Overlanding was the process of driving cattle “over land” while you were on horseback. The purpose was purely practical, to relocate cattle to a place where there was food. During the relocation, people would be enjoying the sites as they were going from one place to another.

Now, while the cattle-driving activity is out of the picture, the habit of driving around and enjoying the land has remained. The difference is that now it is done for recreational purposes. Overlanding is more or less a mix between camping and road trips, where you take your car to visit the beauties that your world has to offer.

And just as the experience has transformed, so has the care for these vehicles. Maintaining your overlanding vehicle is essential for a seamless adventure, and services like car detailing from experts at can help ensure your vehicle is in top condition for your travels. This maintenance not only preserves your vehicle’s appearance but also enhances its performance, allowing you to embark on your adventures with confidence.

As overlanding has evolved into a recreational activity, it has gained popularity among adventure enthusiasts who seek to explore the natural wonders of the world. While the essence of overlanding lies in the freedom of driving and appreciating the landscapes, there are times when individuals may prefer to fully immerse themselves in the experience without the added responsibility of driving. This is where services like the Comfort Drive app can play a valuable role. By allowing travelers to hire professional drivers who are well-versed in navigating rugged terrains and remote locations, Overlanding becomes more accessible and enjoyable for a wider range of people. It offers the opportunity to relish the journey and the scenic vistas without the need for constant vigilance behind the wheel. Whether traversing deserts, mountains, or forests, the Comfort Drive app can enhance the overlanding experience by providing a skilled chauffeur, granting travelers the freedom to fully appreciate the wonders of nature.

Overlanding for Beginners

Overlanding Gear
When you are overlanding, you may think of it as camping – only instead of going on foot, you’ll be going by car. In short, you need to get a car that can handle off-road areas – for example, a Land Rover or the Toyota 4Runner. There are multiple 4×4 off-road opportunities for you to rely on, so you just need to decide on your budget. 

Your camping gear is also essential. Think about what you might need, but at the same time, try to stay as lightweight as you can. Pack necessities such as sleeping bags, shelter, first aid, fuel, maps, spare tires, tools, and appropriate clothing. 

Food is also highly important to pack, as when you are overlanding, you may not have quick access to food stores – not when you are driving in the middle of nowhere. Also, make sure that you also pack a car fire extinguisher, as you never know when you may need one. 

Overlanding for Beginners

Routes to Consider while Overlanding
When overlanding, there are many routes that you may go on. Here are only the most popular roads that people simply describe as stunning.

1) The Rubicon Trail, California
The Rubicon Trail is more or less the legend of overlanding: it’s the kind of route that you’ll need to see at least once in your life. Best explored with a jeep, the Rubicon Trail gets you through all kinds of terrains – from simple beginner roads to rugged pro terrains. As popular as it may be, you may want to ensure you are fully prepared to embark with your car on this road.

2) The Black Bear Pass, Colorado
If you are in for a challenge, you might want to consider trying the Black Bear Pass. This route is not for the faint of heart, but it will offer some highly breathtaking views. The roads are steep and weather conditions only allow overlanders to pass for a couple of weeks during summer. That being said, it should certainly make the bucket list of every overlander.

3) The Dalton Highway, Alaska
If you are looking for a slightly more civilized route, you might want to consider going on the Dalton Highway. A route that has earned a lot of popularity through the “Ice Road Trucker” show, it offers the best of the Alaskan tundra. You’ll see snow-clad trees and roads, and you may even get a view of the Northern Lights.

The Bottom Line
Overlanding is a good chance for everyone to escape the city. All you need is a good car, the proper camping gear, and the right company to take with you.

Blog Author: TOG Community