We all yearn for that soothing sense of calm and serenity that the great outdoors can provide. We have the power to make our adventures not just peaceful but sustainable too! Here are six ways to enjoy nature and the great outdoors whilst looking after Mother Earth.

Serenity Sustainably

1. Embrace Low-Impact Outdoor Activities: When it comes to seeking solace in nature, why not opt for activities that blend seamlessly with the environment? Picture yourself hiking along scenic trails, gliding through pristine waters while kayaking or paddleboarding, and taking in the breathtaking vistas without leaving a heavy carbon footprint. Activities like exploring local parks and trails minimise travel emissions and support nearby conservation efforts. Camping and Caravanning Club offer an excellent guide to some scenic hikes in the UK to help you get started! So grab your boots and start embarking on some amazing treks. 

2. Craft an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Haven: Transforming your outdoor space into an eco-friendly oasis amplifies your connection with nature. Seek out furniture made from reclaimed wood, bamboo, or recycled plastic a fantastic way to reduce waste and breathe new life into materials that would have otherwise gone to waste. To attract local wildlife and nurture biodiversity, introduce native plants and flowers that thrive with minimal water and care. If you’re caravanning, solar panels can be a useful and budget friendly way to get power and can provide you with all you need for your whole trip. Don’t worry if it’s cloudy- that’s actually a myth

3. Embrace Leave No Trace Principles: When venturing into the wild, let’s be mindful custodians of the spaces we adore. Embrace the Leave No Trace principles as a guiding compass for minimal environmental impact. Planning, sticking to designated trails, properly disposing of waste, leaving natural treasures undisturbed, reducing campfire impact, respecting wildlife, and considering fellow visitors are all important. By following these principles, we ensure that future generations can revel in the same unspoiled beauty we cherish today.

Serenity Sustainably

4. Glamp Sustainably for a Greener Adventure: Glamping and caravanning is the epitome of embracing nature but it’s key to do so sustainably. Equip yourself with eco-friendly gear made from recycled or sustainable materials, reducing waste, and preserving resources. Embrace the beauty of reusable utensils, containers, and water bottles while it’s minimising single-use plastics can also be quite fun and part of the experience. Choosing established caravans and glampsites guarantees the protection of the surrounding area preserving it whilst keeping you safer. Love2stay quote: “You get that liberating sensation of outdoor freedom, without any of the hassle of having to transport lots of equipment or put up a tent” which couldn’t be truer!  Remember, responsible camping ensures that both your experience and the environment remain extraordinary.

5. Make Environmentally Conscious Outdoor Choices: When designing your outdoor spaces, why not make environmentally conscious choices? Opt for decking materials crafted from recycled goods or sustainably sourced wood, reducing the demand for new resources and promoting the circular economy. Remember to choose weather resistant materials to avoid any long-term maintenance costs.  Bask in the soft glow of solar lights, minimising energy use while creating a magical ambience. Collect rainwater to nourish your plants or wash your outdoor furniture, conserving this precious resource. Consider composting food scraps and yard waste to create nutrient-rich soil, nurturing a flourishing garden. Every mindful choice contributes to a greener and more serene outdoor environment.

6. Gear up Responsibly for Sustainable Adventures: Outdoor adventures often require specialised gear, so why not make it eco-friendly?  When selecting equipment, try to prioritise brands that promote sustainability on their site and advocate for gear made from recycled or upcycled materials. Backpacks that are from recycled plastic bottles, recycled rubber hiking boots can make all the difference. Products that are designed for durability and longevity can reduce the need for frequent replacements and you can enjoy your adventures while minimising your environmental impact.

With these six comprehensive and eco-friendly ways to embrace the outdoors, you can find your zen while leaving a minimal footprint on our planet. Whether it’s embracing low-impact activities, crafting an eco-friendly haven, practicing Leave No Trace, camping sustainably, engaging in responsible fishing and hunting, or making environmentally conscious outdoor choices, each step connects you to nature while preserving its awe-inspiring beauty.

So, let’s venture forth with a commitment to sustainability, finding inner peace in harmony with the magnificent world that surrounds us. After all, isn’t that the ultimate win-win?

Blog Author: Erin Lorde