The Urban Ranger website promotes better well being by way of walking in nature. The idea for the website came when i suffered well being issues in August 2016 and i am now in the process of trying to reach recovery.

Walking in nature is good eco-therapy and provides calmness and distraction from illness and stress. It does not matter how long you walk for or even how far, all you need is somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a chance to embrace the natural effects of nature and ground yourself.

There are walks for every ability on the site and i only choose walks that will provide great scenery that will keep you distracted and calm. The more you start to enjoy walking, the more you are likely to venture further afield and gain more confidence and start to enjoy better days just like me. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step.

I started with just a  one mile walk and now i am travelling miles to find the next great walk despite my illness and difficulties, and you could too. I am 19 months into my journey and the best days i have had, have all been whilst out walking.

​Thank you to GreaterSport for funding this website and wellbeing services for directing service users to my website.

​You do not have to be unwell to use this website, the benefits of walking with family, friends, groups or even alone are extremely  beneficial.