I have always been brought up with a love for the outdoors and spent majority of my childhood and teenage years outside, rock climbing, rafting, cycling and walking and this is something that is very important to me now as well as a parent of 2 small kids, so when I met Gina at the National Outdoor Expo and when I learned about her mission ‘The Outdoor Guide Foundation‘,  I knew I will use my Yorkshire challenge to fundraise money for such a good cause that is so close to my heart.

The Yorkshire Challenge consisted of 50km walk across the Yorkshire dales. We were very lucky as the weather was fantastic, it was warm and sunny (the right kind of sunny).

I wanted to take on walk that would challenge me and this walk certainly delivered on that, as lovely as it was it was also filled with pain (back pain, feet pain ,leg pain you name it) but I knew I had to finish as that is the way to raise money for the charity and I wasn’t allowed to quit as I wanted to complete the challenge I set for myself.

I have finished this fantastic journey in tears of pain and accomplishment, I wouldn’t be able to finish this without the fantastic support of my best friend who has joined me on this journey and my friends and co-workers that have supported me on the day via social media.

I hope the funds I have raised will help some children to find their love of outdoors.

The Yorkshire Challenge
Blog Author: Tereza Illikova