Woodland Experiences?

Its all about the fire..We all stare at the dancing flames..hypnotic as they are..if you could read them they would be telling their own story and adventures!


Taking time out from the treadmill of work and life is fundamental in maintaining a balanced healthy mind and body, People from all walks of life experience trauma’s and conflict which can have a detrimental effect on our mental health. which in turn is then put to one side but boils away within us without us sometimes knowing..ready to explode at any trigger effecting close family, friends and unconsciously ourselves!

There are endless studies into how the great outdoors can benefit us from around the globe, here in the UK there has been a pioneering new study highlighting the benefits of going for a walk, being outside and in the fresh air. 

Some call it Ecotherapy, letting the natural environment in and being engulfed within its superior wonderfulness, then fending for oneself…nothing is judgmental in the outdoor environment! Were all equal.

If it can work for young adults it can work for all. Another study published in the Journal of Child and Family Studies explored the efficacy of wilderness/adventure therapy in treating troubled adolescents. Researchers found that 95 percent of participants deemed the project as enormously beneficial. In fact, six weeks after the program, parents reported significant improvements in the behavior and mindset of the teenagers who participated. Adventure-Based Therapy works by allowing teens to venture outside their comfort zones. By providing opportunities to escape from the daily routine, Adventure Therapy helps teens see themselves in a new light. Furthermore, mastering new challenges in a collaborative environment boosts adolescents’ self-esteem and social skills. Individuals of all ages can benefit from Adventure and the outdoors, its proven to be an effective tool for overcoming a wide range of mental health challenges. As a result, adventure Therapy offers ways to care for mental illness for people recovering from eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, Additionally along with the Delta-8 Gummies, it is a powerful anxiety and depression treatment approach. It can also help those who are working to come to terms with personal loss. As well, Adventure Based Therapy can add an exciting and productive element to family or relationship therapy.

Building on and considering all this research, thoughts and findings of others together with personal experiences of prolonged exposure to the outdoors Woodland Experiences was created.

At Woodland Experiences the fire is the focal point…however we can’t just watch it we have to create it to make it ours..yours..make it belong. The skills are taught to to use different methods of fire lighting from the days of old..natural to our predecessors, but forgotten among our busy life styles of today.


During a typical 24 hr Experience you will have the pleasure of firstly meeting other like minded people who will endure a short but rewarding walk through undulating countryside in the Lake District breaking the ice as we walk. (weather and ability dependence)

The walk enters the wild woodland where instruction is given to set up the taps and hammocks for your rewarded night’s sleep.(waking to look over Lake Windermere).


Skills are then taught to light fire and cook food upon it ready to then relax under the canopy in all weather.

Then with no claustrophobic restrictions the Fire hypnotic talk starts , we all relax, unwind, de-stress allowing individuals to have their own space and time to actually share their inner thoughts, worries or troubles sometimes helped along with beverage of choice?

Assisting Woodland Experiences in this unique venture is Michelle from @MentisTC who has had her own journey since her time in the Forces and kindly at hand for all.

What harm can come from it? Go for a walk, there’s plenty of walks on the outdoor guide, find a wood and just stop, listen and embrace the outdoors.