Behind the Scenes with Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide filming on The Isle of Man

Dear Diary …

Day 1

We can’t believe this is the last week of filming… where has all the time gone? Well, for our last week, we’ve got a very special place to explore – The Isle of Man! 

And what’s more, this week we’ve got 3 very different walks to squeeze in for the finalé of Britain’s Best Walks so we’re getting ready for a very busy week!

Resting in our beautiful rooms at The Regency Hotel, with gorgeous views over the sea we’re excited to start our adventure… but not before a meal to get us going from The Hawthorns Restaurant – yum!

Day 2

Right, we’re off to Dhoon Glen to kick off this trip, and we’re in search of the Big Girl waterfall…


This magnificent waterfall falls over 2 drops of 130 ft in total. It’s really quite wonderful, we spent a while getting some pretty shots and speaking to some very interesting people… (you’ll have to find out who on Friday)!

We learnt that Dhoon Glen is one of the steepest valleys on the Isle of Mans fairytale-like atmosphere… we’ll be back!

Day 3

We’re looking forward to some beautiful views today! The light is great, so the perfect day for getting in some romantic landscape shots.

We can see all the countries of the British Isles from here… England to the east, Wales to the south-east, Scotland to the northeast, Northern Ireland to the north-west and the Republic of Ireland to the west – where Julia was born!

It was exceptionally windy up there… Good thing we had our TOG Buffs!

Find Julia’s super Paramo Andina Jacket on The Outdoor Guide – perfect for windy days like today!

Day 4

It finally brightened up this afternoon as we headed to Laxey Mill to discover more about the mining history of the Isle of Man!

Did you know, this huge wheel’s nickname is Lady Isabella?

For all our hard work, we’re ending the day with a tour of the Isle of Man Motor Museum!

Day 5

How is this the very last day of filming for Britain’s Best Walks?!

We are spending our final day on the beach. Here’s Julia at a secluded cove looking out across the Irish Sea…

We couldn’t have asked for any other way to spend our last few hours working on this series…

It’s been six weeks packed with walking, laughter, filming and fun in the sun (and rain).

We’ve walked in so many beautiful and inspiring places and met equally interesting people with a great love for the British countryside, that we hope this series will encourage more people to get outdoors and explore the amazing space for adventure on our doorsteps!