Behind the Scenes with Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide filming in Scotland

Dear Diary …

Day 1

Britain’s not lacking in lakes, but this week we’re searching for a particularly big one… Loch Lomond – the biggest stretch of inland water in Great Britain!

So we’re headed to Scotland, to Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park to find it. The crew are on their way from Yorkshire in the Subaru cars with all the gear and filming equipment.

As we drive in we are getting excited about the views we are going to be treated to on our walk. It’s amazing how many different landscapes can be contained within one small island.

Day 2

We are staying at the super comfy and welcoming Oak Tree Inn. With its award winning pub, café, accommodation and local ice cream stand, this is the heart of Balmaha village.

After a hearty breakfast here, we start our walk towards the 150 year old Balmaha Boatyard where we hop on a boat over to Inchailloch.

Camera-man Jan is looking very pleased as he shoots some stunning shots from the water!

We can see the dense tree cover of the island and we’re keen to get lost (or not) in the woods…

Thank goodness for our KeepCups keeping our hands warm on the boat!

Day 3

Time to meet the rangers of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park!  We have a chat with Jim and Sarah about life up here…

This National Park is the first of Scotland’s two National Parks and the fourth largest in the UK at 1,865 km2 – that’s a lot of space to look after!

We are reminded of a particular route we walked a while ago in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park – another great walk to get out for! – Check out the walk.

(image by Walk Highlands)

We’re filming on the mainland now and we can see why this place is renowned for its scenery.

Every which way we look we want to stop to take yet another photo or shot! The views are spectacular from the island, the water and the coast of the Loch.

Day 4

We are walking on the Highland Boundary fault line as we walk the ridge ascending to Conic Hill.

This ridge marks the boundary between the two distinct landscapes of Scotland; the highlands and the lowlands.

The views have been unbelievable so far, but this really takes some beating!

A lovely end to the day with a cosy team dinner at The Oak Tree Inn!

Day 5

Side note: if you come here to do this walk, snacks from St Mocha Café are obligatory morning fuel for the day ahead!

We finish our time to Scotland with a little trip to the Glengoyne Distillery where we learnt about (and maybe sampled… shhh) Scottish whiskies.

What a beautiful place too! All tucked away in a nook of the highlands.

We are going to miss the gorgeous views of Loch Lomond, but then again if we’d stayed any longer we might have never left! ‘Til next week…

Quote of the Week
“Scotland small? Our multiple, infinite Scotland SMALL?” – Hugh McDiarmid (1892-1978)

TOG Tip of the Shoot
Keep spare coins in your bag for ice cream at the end of the walk!