Dear diary,
Week 5 and excitement prevails. We are in one our favourite places, the Lake District, Note to self: stop briefly to see the scenery and breathe in the air. Then repeat.
But it’s a bad start. Several days of rain push our shooting schedule into freefall. Aaaaargh!!! Note to self: bring better water proofs next time (and more of them).

Finally the sun shines and we put away the scrabble boards. (Word of the week is deluge but I don’t know what that scores).
Once out walking we seem to bump into a who’s who of Lake District characters. But I have said too much.
Watch the programme in 2016 to find out who. Oh and don’t forget – it’s on ITV. Follow on Twitter #juliaswalks

Quote of the shoot: Turned out nice again (sic).
TOG tip of the shoot. Expect rain. Be prepared.
TOG top pud: Battenberg. Ask Jan (cameraman). He ate most of it.