Do you know your Blue Tit from your Great Tit?  Or maybe you want to name the flowers you find on a woodland walk?  WIldID nature guides can help  – tough enough for outdoor use whatever the weather, our WildID guides are splashproof, rucksack-sized and light enough to carry all day. With stunning illustrations and pictures, wildlife identification has never been easier.

From Butterflies, bees, and birds to ferns, fish and flowers, our guides have it covered. We have over 90 WildID guides, as well as Wildlife Packs, children’s Nature Spotters books and gifts.

WildId guides are produced by Field Studies Council who have been helping people explore nature since the 1940s. We want to create a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices that help protect it.

“Field Studies Council have been championing wildlife education for generations and we believe that The Outdoor Guide shares the same passion and values when it comes to educating children and adults in the UK, that is why we are ecstatic to be partnering up with them. Finding out the names of wildflowers, birds and insects is an vital first step in learning to care for nature, and we hope that our new partnership with The Outdoor Guide can inspire the next generation of naturalists in the UK.”

TOG Says …

“There’s no greater joy than going out for a walk in amongst the natural world. Having one of the Field Studies Council guides with you is a great way to be able to identify the flora and fauna that surround you! We’re delighted to have them on board TOG as a partner.”

Some examples of Field Studies Council’s WildID fold-out guides.

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