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Benbulben Forest Walk

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Benbulben Forest Walk

Walk Details

Ireland’s answer to Table Mountain is the majestic Benbulbin and this walk takes you on a walk through the gorgeous forests at the foot of it.

It’s a walk that combines luscious woodland and awesome mountain views all wrapped up in the natural serenity of this place.

Stepping into Benbulben Forest, take a moment to look up at the canopy above your head. Breathe in the pine scent in the air and just listen to the chorus of birdsong – this walk will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

This forest is rich in biodiversity, with many different species of flora and fauna calling this home. Keep an eye out for those glimpses of the summit of Benbulbin, offering a spectacular backdrop to this walk – one that really captures the essence of the natural beauty of County Sligo.

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Local Information

Julia on location filming Julia Bradbury’s Irish journey | © Raja Nundlall/Cornelia Street Productions

Read the Countryside Code before venturing out
Make sure to take a map and compass, and know how to use them before going into our National Parks #BeAdventureSmart

Tips for New Walkers: click here to download (PDF).

Remember to prepare properly before heading out on any type of walk or outdoor activity. Tell people where you are going and what time you are expected back. As Wainwright says "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing".