Patrick McKeown walked alongside the beautiful Irish coast with Julia discussing the importance of breathwork for her series Irish Journeys. During this encounter, Julia surmised that training his breath actually saved his life. Patrick replied “I wouldn’t go that far” but after thinking about it later that evening, he realised that actually yes, it did.

As a boy, Patrick struggled with severe asthma, sleep apnea and bad concentration. He was taking ever-increasing quantities of medication in attempt to control his breathing but there was no significant improvement. By chance, he stumbled across an article in an Irish newspaper about Dr Buteyko. Within a few days of practicing Dr Buteyko’s method, breathing was easier and now Patrick no longer suffers from asthma, sleep apnea or bad concentration.

Patrick set up Buteyko International in 2002 and Oxygen Advantage in 2015. Oxygen Advantage is a science-based series of unique breathing exercises for optimal physical and emotional health, mental clarity and performance. Patrick has helped and also trained 1000s of people across the world. He has written 11 books including the best-seller,

The Oxygen Advantage and has worked with a variety of people from Olympic athletes to world-renowned singers to LinkedIn employees. He has also devised his own mouth tape, MyoTape, which unlike other tape does not close the mouth but is around the lips thereby teaching the mouth to remain closed during sleep.

“Walking and breathing- two activities to offer solace of the mind and a gateway to happiness. Brought together, they are a perfect marriage. The best things in life are free and thanks to Julia, Gina and her amazing team for spreading the word.”

– Patrick McKeown

“You’d be forgiven for thinking you already know how to breathe – but whilst we all do it around 20,000 times day – most of us are doing it wrong! Learning to breathe properly can be life changing – it can profoundly impact your health and wellbeing. That’s why we’re proud to be partnering with Patrick and Oxygen Advantage.”

– Julia Bradbury

Patrick and Julia
Patrick and Julia