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Rosses Point Walk

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Rosses Point Walk

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This is only a short walk – but it offers some amazing views. It takes you to a place where WB Yeats holidayed frequently.

We start our walk with a stroll along the shoreline of Rosses Point Beach. Just take your time to enjoy the soundscape of this place and the tranquil atmosphere.

Continuing southwards we are greeted with views out towards The Metal Man – a navigational beacon that has helped protected vessels using this waterway for many generations. It’s a reminder of the maritime heritage of this part of Ireland.

Take a slight detour and visit the old watchhouse, known as the “Pilot House” – another reminder of the maritime past. Just pause for a moment and just imagine the stories that this land could tell of those days gone by.

Heading back to the main path you come to the striking statue of “Waiting On Shore” – a tribute to those who have waited for their loved ones who never returned home. It’s a poignant reminder of the resilience needed from these coastal communities.

The backdrop to this walk is Ireland’s answer to Table Mountain – Benbulbin. That’ll be a walk for another day.

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Julia on location filming Julia Bradbury’s Irish journey | © Raja Nundlall/Cornelia Street Productions

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Tips for New Walkers: click here to download (PDF).

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