The Malham Smithy is the workshop of female blacksmith Annabelle Bradley, where she designs and hand forges sculptural and functional wrought ironwork.

Annabelle uses traditional blacksmithing techniques combined with contemporary design in producing decorative items for the home and garden. The Malham Smithy is situated in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales village of Malham and has a gallery area displaying wrought ironwork as well as a viewing area to be able to watch Annabelle at work on the traditional coke forge, if you are looking for things to do in Malham or the Yorkshire Dales, come and visit the historic Malham Smithy, suitable for families old and young.

A selection of hand forged items such as candle sconces, companion sets and hooks etc. are available to purchase from the gallery, you can also take the opportunity to discuss commissions for bespoke designs.

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Hi I’m Annabelle!
“I am proud to showcase my designs and hand forged sculptural & functional wrought ironwork to fellow Outdoor enthusiasts.

At the Malham Smithy I make bespoke pieces forged especially for you. Please Get In Touch for further enquiries or to learn to become a Blacksmith with our blacksmithing course!”

Annabelle Bradley

TOG Says …

“We had a lovely time filming with Annabelle for Julia Bradbury’s new ITV walking series. It was great to watch her in her forge, the pieces she creates are beautiful, she has such a wonderful talent!”

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My story so far…..

Do you ever begin to dread Sunday nights? Laying awake, your brain whirring, stomach churning, with thoughts of an arduous Monday morning commute to work, rushing to drop the kids en-route, hoping the nursery staff don’t notice their breakfast covered clothes until you are safely back in your car. The memory flooding back of the urgent paperwork you stuffed back in your in tray with wanton abandon on Friday evening.

Well for me that sleepless night has gone. Monday morning begins by waving goodbye to my daughters as they set off to the village school at a very reasonable hour. Embarking on my new commute of a fifty metre walk through Malham, one of the most beautiful villages in the Yorkshire Dales, crossing the ancient clapper bridge over the babbling beck and into the Malham Smithy to begin my days work as the village blacksmith. And as for the piece of work discarded in frustration before the weekend, well that takes on new life as it is reheated in the forge, hammered and twisted into form, each blow on the anvil releasing cobwebs and tensions, bringing the building alive and a spark in my step.

From Tax Accountant to Blacksmith, I guess the contrast could not be much greater. Nor could there be a more satisfying achievement. I took on the Malham Smithy in 2007 to become the village blacksmith and never looked back.

The appeal of my work to visitors to the Malham Smithy is benefited by the fact that you can watch me work at the forge and see your piece being created, real life ‘retail theatre’. I take part in village shows demonstrating to the public and I am fortunate enough to be invited by the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths to take on the role of Senior Steward and hold blacksmithing demonstrations and courses at the Great Yorkshire Show. The past few years have opened up new opportunities to allow students to come to the Malham Smithy for their work experience week, it’s great to see the enthusiasm the students have for learning new skills and getting the chance to create their own pieces.

In 2014 I opened up the opportunity to adults to take part in the Malham Smithy Blacksmithing Experience for those interested in giving blacksmithing a go. The Blacksmithing for Beginners Day Courses have taken off as a fantastic success.

Participants can book in for a Malham Smithy Blacksmith day course for beginners, focusing on learning key basic techniques that are the foundation to all blacksmiths forge work, from a simple hook to an elaborate sculpture.

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