Dear diary,
This month has flown in. With bad weather forecast for later in the week we are in a race against the elements. Note to diary: I didn’t think it was possible to shoot this must footage in such a short time.

Julia and the crew work from dawn to dusk to cash in on the sunshine. The area we are filming in is a little treasure of a place and is a regular base for film crews. But have any of them worked as quickly as this? This is a cracker of a shoot, cameraman Jan and Soundman Colin managed to get their feet wet standing in the middle of a cold river, but what were they filming… Keep an eye out in 2016 to find out! Follow on Twitter #juliaswalks

Quote of the week (overheard in a restaurant): ‘I haven’t had a fermented sausage for a long time’.

TOG blog must: Stay out of Julia’s way when she is this busy.

Dessert to die for: The toffee pudding at Beck Hall. Note to diary: sorry, can’t talk, too busy eating.