8.30pm Thursday March 14, 2019

This new eight-part documentary series features Julia Bradbury exploring the immense and enchanting charms of Australia.

Using propeller planes, helicopters, camel, boats, 4x4s and going by foot, Julia embarks on an epic 12,000-kilometer journey to discover modern Australia and the people who live there.

Whether warming up with the cast at the Sydney Opera House, serving up breakfast on the Ghan train, joining the surf patrol on Bondi Beach, or interviewing candidates for what some say is the world’s best job – as a desert island caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef – Julia’s quest takes in all four corners of the country, its iconic destinations and unique experiences.

She explores Australian family life as it is lived across the continent – whether on a remote cattle station or at an Aboriginal outback swag.

She goes to work with mums who are crocodile egg hunters, ranchers, and outback pilots, plays teacher for a day at the Red Centre’s School of the Air and hits the road with a retired group of “grey nomads” in their super-sized touring caravans.

Throughout her journey, Julia hunts for unexpected aspects of modern Australia, attending the country’s only doggy surfing school, getting to grips with kangaroo golf, discovering the world’s most isolated pub, and enlisting in a boat race thousands of miles away from water.

Amidst Julia’s adventurous quest to explore the unexpected facets of modern Australia, her journey becomes a testament to the country’s vibrant tourism offerings. As she ventures through diverse landscapes, encountering extraordinary wildlife and engaging in offbeat activities, her experiences serve as an invitation for travelers to embark on their own unforgettable Australian odyssey. For those seeking a similar blend of awe-inspiring landscapes and unique wildlife encounters, Visit Cairns as it promises an exceptional experience. With its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, lush rainforests, and access to diverse wildlife, Cairns offers an ideal gateway for travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty and wonders of Australia’s natural treasures.

Her trek takes her through a spectrum of spectacular landscapes from rainforest to red desert, with unique wildlife encounters including meeting emus, platypus, koalas, bowerbirds, and green turtles.

Preview screening of ITV’s new series Australia with Julia Bradbury

Readers were invited to attend a preview screening of the new series, hosted by Tourism Australia at the grand Exhibition Hall in The Australian High Commission, London.

Julia was also welcomed to the ‘Friends of Australia’ programme and awarded a wonderful memento from High Commissioner George Brandis.


Julia works at a personal level to be carbon neutral.  ITV’s stance on sustainability relating to this programme is as below :

“ITV is committed to increasing awareness of environmental sustainability through our programmes while minimising the environmental impact of our operations.”

“The producers of this programme, Tin Can Island, are a signatory to the ALBERT green industry scheme. They have used digital post production to reduce carbon emissions, and on this particular production they left camera kit in Australia for the three shoots, rather than freighting it backwards and forwards. They also left a cameraman in Australia for the three shoots, working with local fixers on the ground rather than a UK team.”

“This approach fits with our aim of creating long-term change by bringing environmental awareness and sustainable behaviour into the heart of popular culture.”

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