Julia Bradbury goes in search for a holiday home costing less than £10,000. The journey takes her all over Europe visiting people who have already taken on the challenge and succeeded! Here are some great walking locations around Europe to inspire you!

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Two areas that are great for walking, are:

The village of Stefan Karadjovo is in South-East Bulgaria and found at the foot of the Strandja Mountains. It is these mountains that create the climate of the town Stefan Karadjovo. It feels transcontinental with a Mediterranean influence. It is an area the size of London, located along the Black Sea Coast in Eastern Europe. Only 7000 people live there.

Strandja Nature Park in Bulgaria is one of those unspoilt, undiscovered areas in Europe where man has had very little influence. Strandja is Bulgaria’s largest and most varied nature park. The Veleka river is one of the cleanest and unspoilt rivers in Eastern Europe.

Strandja Mountains
Walking in Bulgaria

A great walk is the woodland walk to the source of Mladezhko River and the remains of a fortress. You can visit the rebels meeting place Petrova Niva from where there are beautiful views over the Strandja mountains. Or another beautiful walk in the round is to follow the river Veleka with highlights being small waterfall, several springs, a small chapel in the forest with religious icons and resting place.

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Lake Balaton is considered the Hungarian inner sea and it is home to picturesque landscapes surrounded by ancient fortresses, underwater cave galleries, vineyards and historic towns. On the northern shores of Lake Balaton lies the town of Szigliget, host to one of the mightiest castles in Hungary.

Built on the Várhegy hill, the Castle of Szigliget rises more than 242 meters and houses a medieval fortress built by the Benedictine order around the 13th century.

Szigliget Castle
Lake Balaton

On the top of the 239 meter high Várhegy hill stand the ruins of the medieval fortress. It was renewed in the last years and beautiful panorama opens from it to the Lake Balaton and to the Tapolca Basin.

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Here are some more great walking locations around Europe: