Stump Cross Caverns

SOS, Stump Cross Caverns Needs You!

Stump Cross Cavern is a gorgeous, ancient cave system situated in North Yorkshire. The pandemic restrictions have been particularly hard on the tourism industry and attractions which rely on visitors to stay afloat, Stump Cross Cavern is one of these attractions. Not only have they suffered from lack of visitors, they have also struggled to access government support.

The Outdoor Guide is calling on it’s readers to help support them in raising money to help them stay afloat, so they can protect the cave for generations to come. You can find their fundraiser here.

The Caverns have existed for hundreds of millions of years, having formed during the Carboniferous Period when North Yorkshire was covered by a shallow sea. The limestone which forms the caves is made from is the remains of the shells of the crustaceans which lived in the area during this period.

Stump Cross Cavern
©YorkshirePost Newspapers, Picture: James Hardisty @snapperjim

The cave system is full of spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, formed over millennia. There have also been unusual fossils found in the caves, everything from wolves, bison, reindeer and wolverines which once live in England. There is also a café on site and a gift shop.