The German National Tourist Office is the official body for travel and tourism from the UK & Ireland to Germany.

If you think Germany only has big cities, think again. The country has much more to offer travellers, such as exceptional natural landscapes and a diverse flora and fauna. About a third of the country is covered by woodland and walking is a national sport for all ages. Respectful management of cultural heritage, extensive conservation of plants and animals and a passion for upholding regional customs ensure that these natural treasures are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Runners, romantics, treasure hunters and fitness seekers have a huge choice of outdoor locations in which to explore Germany on foot. A network of well-marked trails covering around 20.000 kilometres in total makes it easy to find your bearings – even without GPS.

Tours through the natural landscapes are a great way to get closer to nature. But there are also lots of green areas to discover in and around Germany’s cities. Germany has also a range of hiking-friendly accommodation.

Where the journey is its own reward. Click here for a selection of the finest walking trails through Germany’s regions.


“I had such a fantastic time filming ‘German Wanderlust’ for the BBC and am proud that the German National Tourist Office have partnered up with TOG to share with you my routes from the walking series.”


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“My first experience of BarrierFree Germany was a positive one. German Tourism have worked hard to develop accessible tourism and the whole experience has given me confidence to go abroad and explore more of this beautiful country.”

Debbie North, AccessTOG Ambassador