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How do you ensure a comfortable, stress- free 2000 mile road trip to Germany for 4 people, one wheelchair, ramps, camera equipment and luggage?

It’s a tall order…or so we thought until we received our car for the journey.

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The Land Rover Discovery
With only four of the seven seats in use, there was plenty of room in the boot for all our luggage and of course the Whill wheelchair. Putting the Whill on and off the car became routine on our Germany adventure, often doing it three or four times each day. The Whill is a very compact chair and it fitted comfortably into the boot space with room for the ramps to lay across the width of the car.

Unless I was driving, I spent most of the journey sat in the second row seats and we had plenty of room! There was every comfort that we could ask for: separate temperature control, USB sockets to charge phones and music players and space to put our Keepcups. We could even mute the music if the choice of song was not to our taste! There were large door pockets for storing all that you need on a journey.

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I really found the heated seat beneficial. Not because it was cold but the heat was very soothing on my back and helped prevent the aches and pains that normally cause discomfort on long car journeys when body movement is restricted.

The seats were so comfortable and I felt that I had a good seating posture. The Intelligent Seat Fold system, allows you to electrically raise and lower the seating too.

Being so high up, and with large windows and sunroof, the Discovery is great for seeing the scenery. With so much luggage in the boot it was difficult to see out of the back window, but the rear-view camera helps a lot when you’re reversing!

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Deb’s verdict
“As a wheelchair user, who lives in rural Cumbria but also does a lot of mileage around the country, I highly recommend the Land Rover Discovery. It has plenty of storage space, with the ability to have various seating arrangements. It is comfortable as a passenger and fairly light to drive. I know with the Land Rover Discovery that I’ll not be trapped in by bad weather this winter.”

AccessTOG tests out the Land Rover Discovery