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Accessible Walks with Wheelchairs on Wendelstein and Lake Schliersee

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Accessible walks with wheelchairs on Wendelstein and Lake Schliersee in BarrierFree Bavaria. Wonderful. Simply Wunderbar. Whatever language you choose it is is the only word to describe this part of our time in Germany.

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Our stay began with a guided tour of the beautiful complex at Schliersee. It houses a swimming pool and spa, a cafe and a restaurant and tourist information facilities. This walk is a 20 minute drive from our accessible accommodation, Concordia in Bad Wiessee.

The leisure complex and park area sit on the shores of Schliersee and are totally wheelchair accessible.

In the park itself is a sensory area where aromatic herbs and flowers are grown. The whole area has been designed to provide facilities for people with disabilities. The paths are accessible and there are signs in braillie.

From the park we went along the lake. The scenery was stunning, made even more so by images of the mountains reflecting on the clear water of the lake.

Time for a coffee at the Cafe Milchausl, which, of course, can be accessed by wheelchair along a path at the side. We followed the route for a short while then turned back.

Is it really whisky-o-clock already? Apparently. So it is off on a whisky tasting tour of the Slyrs Distillery in Neuhas. This very modern building is yet again wheelchair accessible. Great thought has been put into the height of signs, displays and information boards so they are accessible to all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the various whiskies from the distillery that we sampled. We stayed for lunch on the terrace with its beautiful views over the mountains. Accessed by a lift.

Afterwards we drove to the Wendlestein cable car where we met with our guide Willie, whose job it was to take us up the mountain to a point over 5,000-feet above sea level.

The cable cars are accessed by a stair lift taking you straight to a boarding platform. It’s a 7-minute trip to the top. No surprise that the views were breath-taking, looking out across mountain tops and crystal blue lakes. It was clear enough to see a long way over the border into Austria.

The cable car halts at Gacher Blick, a viewing platform where there is a cafe and restaurant.

There was a work in progress – a building site actually – underway to create an accessible path up to the little church perched on the very top of the mountain I stayed behind for a mug of hot chocolate while Willy escorted the rest of the part to the summit of Wendelstein, a further hundred metres or so up.

I permitted myself a tear of joy when I realised it was the tallest mountain I had ever ascended. Okay, the cable car was a big help I admit it.

It is a day I will never forget. The Tegernsee Schliersee Alpine region is truly spectacular. And it is so so wheelchair accessible.

That night we enjoyed a true Bavarian experience. We spent our evening in Tegernsee at The Braustuberl, a place famous for its beer and good food. The night bounced along as the place was loud and buzzing, packed with both locals and tourists.

We ate traditional German food, Kartoffelklosse, which is potato dumplings, washed down with local beer. Good food, good beer, good company. A perfectly wonderful night in Bavaria, not forgetting a night cap at the Concordia, our wheelchair friendly accommodation!

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