Handmade Cotton Cutlery Pouch & Napkin

Handmade Cotton Cutlery Pouch & Napkin – Blue Green Check & Matching Napkin (Lining: Pale Blue)

The reusable cutlery pouch and napkin are a great way to reduce use of disposable cutlery and single-use paper products when out and about, at work, school or on a picnic.

The closed pouch is 23 x 7 cm, it is easily adjustable if your cutlery is shorter than 23 cm. The set will fit easily into a bag, rucksack or even a pocket making it portable for all those occasions when you wish to use your own cutlery set.

The sets are ideal for daily use or as a gift.

The matching napkin is 21 x 21 cm square and has a mitred, machine sewn hem to ensure it is robust for daily use and machine washing.