Wasteless Market is a climate positive company with a purpose driven message. They’re on a mission to reduce waste, fight climate change and bring you ethical, natural and sustainable products through their multi-vendor marketplace. They’re ‘The Sustainable Marketplace’ taking action with their products and profit!

TOG Says ...TOG Says …

“We are thrilled to be supporting Teresa’s amazing website, Wasteless Market and promote the buying and giving of sustainable gifts this New Year.”

How It All Began

I’m Teresa, a single Mum of three.
I started my journey to find more natural products than were offered on the supermarket shelves after losing my Sister Paula to breast cancer. She was only 36 years old when she started having breast pain, and after visiting her GP, who found no lumps, she was reassured that it was her hormones and that was that. She didn’t seek a second opinion and by the time she had other symptoms, it was too late and she was given a terminal diagnosis, thankfully Paula had a further 4 years. She leaves behind a very important message, she was too young for the mammogram screening program and had no lumps, but if she had listened to her body, she may well have been here today.

I became very conscious of the chemical laden products I was using on my family and decided to change to products with fewer ingredients. This led me to items that were free from single-use plastic and often handmade, where the sellers were hugely passionate and committed to reversing climate change. It was a struggle to find these products in one place and so I brought the Wasteless Market to life first as a zero waste popup in South East London. It was a great success and after 7 events, I decided that I wanted everyone to have access to the benefits of more natural products, whilst also taking action against climate change and so the Wasteless Market platform was born.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign, but decided to put it on hold when Covid-19 struck and instead I took out a loan and have been bootstrapping during the first lockdown, which has been tough as a single parent, but we got there in the end. The Wasteless Market multi-vendor marketplace launched at the beginning of August and aims to support our UK eco-friendly small businesses by offering them a platform to sell their wares. We want to give back as much as possible and for us to come together to fight climate change as one, and so with every purchase, we donate a percentage of the marketplace fees to have trees planted and support Gold Standard certified projects that are in line with the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform our world.

Each month, we have trees planted and support Gold Standard certified climate crisis solution projects.

find out more: wastelessmarket.co.uk/about-our-company