ICE Sprint X Tour

With its sporty ride, comfort and medium height seating position, the versatile Sprint X Tour will guarantee you are ready for the challenge ahead. Whether you are carving bends, pushing your speed, or on a long distance tour, the Sprint X Tour is a trike for all seasons.

  • Comfortable, sporty, medium height seating position cycling
  • Suspension or rigid models
  • Available with powerful Shimano E-assist motors
  • Folding for easy transport
  • 26” rear touring wheel set
  • Ergo-Flow Mesh or Ergo-Luxe padded seats with adjustable seating angle
  • Available with ride range of adaptive options: easy adjustable for rider leg length, support pedals, seat height, seat angle, helping handles & wrist rests
  • Large range of ICE accessories
  • 10 year warranty

Dimensions: W 800-825mm, H 590-670mm, L 1780-2220mm
Rider weight limit: 125kg | Trike weight from: 16.2kg