MSC Expedition 10W lightweight folding solar charger

MSC ETFE CIGS Expedition 10W lightweight folding solar charger
This is a 10W/5V/2Amp highly efficient folding superior ‘CIGS’ light weight solar charger. This solar panel charger is ideal for use in a hostile environment and where weight is a priority, i.e. Expeditions, Climbing & Hiking. It is highly flexible and is designed for outdoor leisure.

The 2Amp 5v DC output will recharge any power bank or 5v USB device such as an iPhone, in direct sunlight. The USB solar controller will automatically protect against over or under charge.


  • Copper Indium Gallium Selenide cells (CIGS) Lightweight folding solar charger
  • The CIGS cells are protected by an ETFE plastic coating.
  • Very flexible, compact and robust for Expedition power on the move.
  • It has 5v USB/2Amp output peak power (same as a mains USB socket)
  • Ideal to hang from a rucksack charging directly into one of our power banks
  • Works very well with our ‘Power Stick ‘, ‘Slim’ & Aqua Trek 10Ah Power Banks
  • Very robust sealed seams, light (210g) and very compact for travel
  • 3 attachment points for hanging from rucksack or tent
  • Free power each and every day
  • 1 year warranty