Pitch Up, Eat Local

The Camping & Caravanning Club’s guide to the best of British produce. From grilling fresh fish on the barbecue after a day at the beach, or cooking up a feast for friends in a pot over a campfire, what we cook when we camp is a memorable part of the adventure. If that food is grown in surrounding fields, caught in nearby rivers or produced by local people, the experience is even richer – it connects us with the places we are visiting. Food can tell us the story of a place.

This book is full of those stories. Pitch Up, Eat Local is the Camping and Caravanning Club’s inspiring guide to amazing places to camp, and the fabulous food to cook there. Each campsite featured is close to great locally grown or produced foods. It is full of details and first-hand descriptions of farmers’ markets, doorstep sales, farm shops, pick-your-own and even the campsites that produce their own food.