The Classics by Sharpham

Enjoy our original and most popular award winning cheeses.

Sharpham Brie, which is undoubtedly our flagship cheese. Made by hand, sublimely rich and buttery, developing savoury mushroom notes when ripe made with the milk from our own Jersey herd. At its best an hour or so out of the fridge before serving.

Ticklemore Goats cheese, our stark white cheese is crumbly and delicate with subtle herbaceous hints. Awarded 2 stars by Great Taste in 2020 and also excellent to cook with.

Sharpham Rustic, our semi-hard cheese with a refreshing light tang that delicately balances the richness of the jersey cows milk.

This selection contains approximately 1.2kg’s of cheese accompanied by Sourdough Crispbreads from Peters Yard.