The Spirit of Capt’n Stevens – Vodka

Nearly a century ago Capt’n Stevens was born into the largest farming and fishing family on St. Martins, Isles of Scilly. Music and laughter followed Capt’n wherever he went. His sea shanties helped the winning gig Dolphin keep stroke. And after he married a Penzance girl and moved there Capt’n carried on singing, in the famous Mousehole Male Voice Choir.

Today, at the first and only distillery on St. Martins, the cheerful spirit of Capt’n Stevens has been infused into SC Dogs Vodka. Crafted in small batches using a double distillation process and bottled on the farm, SC Dogs Vodka is an authentically pure, clean spirit with a tang of the sea.

Each bottle is dedicated to the history of one the Isle of Scilly’s own sea dogs.

Here’s to Capt’n Stevens (1922-1996) – farmer, fisherman, singer and SC Dog.