SC Dogs Distillery launched by the Walder family who have called the Isles of Scilly home for over 70 years, is the only Rum Distillery in the whole archipelago.

Based on St Martin’s, one of the smaller and less spoilt Isles in the Archipelago, SC Dogs had a mission to create a Rum which reflected their extraordinary home.

Our family history can be traced back over 320 years on the islands, so the idea of community, what it means and the lifeline it can be is in our blood,” Andrew Walder told us, and that is certainly reflected in the flavours and branding of the spirits they produce.

​Their spirits are infused with locally grown ingredients wherever possible, including salt which Andrew also helps to produce. All the products are named after a character who encapsulates the ‘Spirit of St Martin’s’, and all the artwork used on their products has been commissioned from local artists and illustrators.

The SC Dogs’ also facilitate cooperation between islands, with a bespoke spiced rum using ingredients from the famous Scilly Isles Attraction, the Abbey Gardens on Tresco, available through their website.

There are no spirits quite like the ones from Scilly, perhaps because there is no where else quite like it. All the drinks made by SC Dogs Distillery are infused with the independent spirit and innovative ideas of the islanders, no wonder they taste so good.